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We have a wide selection of accessories to help complete your project. If you don't see something your needing Give us a call we would be glad to help you out. If we don't have a mold for it we can get it. Also we have a bunch of custom molds that are special purpose that we don't list... All accessories can be color matched to rock or Standard Grey or Buff bodied.


Solid Hearthstone

Our Solid Hearthstones can be cast to any size needed. 2 inchs thick and splitface edging. We can also do acid staining on surface to get a matching color. 

Mantel Corbel

Mantel Corbels are secured with mortar and have a backing plate to where it can be screwed to surface for additional support. Can match corbels to rock. 

We can also make them different sizes

For instance smaller to go under a countertop



Keystone 10 degree

Hearthstones / Capstones

We have the following sizes

2" Thickness

14" by 20" 

18" by 18" 

20" by 20" 

24" by 24" 

We Also have a variety of specialty molds for lots of different applications Call If you need a special size. We also can custom cut to any size or custom pour smaller or larger stones. 


Beveled running wall capstone 12" by 20"

12" by 20" running wall capstone 2" at outer edge 3" at center

Landscaping corner piece

Corner Landscaping piece

10″ x 10″ x 4″


Landscaping Straight Pieces

Decorative Landscaping straight piece

18″ x 10″ x 4″

20" by 20" Peaked Capstone

Peaked cap
Peaked cap

24" by 24" Peaked Capstone

Our 24" by 24" peaked capstone is 6" in the middle and tapers down to 2 1/2" at the edges. Great for porch columns where support post can be set directly on them. 

Watertable / Window sill

We have Watertables / window sills that can be used as a transitional piece between your current siding and your rock on foundation, or under a window for a sill. We have these in 3.5" and 6" width and 18" in length. They are tapered to drain water away from your house and have a slot on the bottom to keep water from running back up on the bottom. 3.5" 

Window Trim

We have window trim pieces, which include straights and left and right corners 

Round electrical box trim

Our Round electrical box trim helps give a finished look to your project. Color can be matched to you stone

Square electrical box trim

Single or double

Square electrical box trim

Single or double

Soldier Stones

Soldier stones laid out ready to lay

Water faucet trim

Water faucet trim 

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